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Zonation of the new MPAs

On the 23 May 2019 the South African Government declared 4 new or expanded Marine Protected Areas in KwaZulu-Natal. The zonation of these MPAs is complex and many anglers and divers are confused. ORI has produced two resources to help anglers and divers understand the zonation of the MPAs in KwaZulu-Natal

This georeferenced map will allow you to navigate around each MPA and provides a summary of the zonation and the regulations relevant to each zone. The information in this map is based on Government Gazette No. 42479. The maps are a summary of the regulations. The information contained on SAAMBR’s media channels is for general information purposes only. SAAMBR assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the context of this service offered. In no event shall SAAMBR be liable for any consequences arising from the use of this information.

To access the MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) map, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download and install the Google Earth app
on your selected device below

Step 2: Download and open the KML file on your device

1. Save the KML file in an easy to find location.
2. Then double click the saved document and it will open automatically in Google Earth.
3. For mobile devices: Your MPA Map should load using the Google Earth App on your device.

If you’ve already got Google Earth

Simply open the KML File here.
1. Click on top left menu (three lines).
2. Click on "My places"
3. Click "Import KML file"
4. Click menu (top left, 3 lines) and select “Download file”.
5. Browse to downloaded KML file in your downloads folder and select the file.
6. Click top left arrow to take you back to Google Earth.

Step 3: Open Google Earth

Step 4: To use this KML file on your cell phone

1. Open Google Earth on your phone.
2. Click on top left menu (three lines).
3. Click on "Projects"
4. Click on KML file to open in Google Earth.
5. Click on right menu (three lines) of KML file and select “Pin to Earth” – This allows you to open the KML file whenever you need it on Google Earth.
6. Switch on your phone’s location icon to allow you to identify exactly where you are in relation to the MPAs.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please get in touch and we’ll help you out!

Here follows a series of 4 videos in which Dr Bruce Mann, ORI Senior Scientist, explains the zonation for each MPA.

Video Playlist
1/4 videos
iSimangaliso MPA Zonation
iSimangaliso MPA Zonation
Aliwal Shoal MPA Zonation
Aliwal Shoal MPA Zonation
Protea Banks MPA Zonation
Protea Banks MPA Zonation
uThukela Banks MPA Zonation
uThukela Banks MPA Zonation

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