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Dangerous Creatures

Visit our uniquely designed Dangerous Creature Reptile House in the Village Walk. In this unusual display of snakes, spiders, scorpions, frogs and many other creepy crawlies our dedicated staff will help you to overcome your fears and leave you fascinated by these incredible animals. Local creatures include the beautifully patterned gaboon vipers, the vibrant green mambas and the giant bullfrogs. The jewel-like poison dart frogs, plastic looking Whyte’s tree frogs and cartoon like Argentinean horned frogs are all at home in their realistic exhibits.

The exhibit hall is over 300 square meters in size. The exterior has been themed to resemble a warehouse in a Zanzibari fishing village, with enticing peeks into the interior showing a tarantula and some king snakes. Visitors enter the “warehouse” and find themselves in a jumble of crates and boxes, discovering a host of beautiful, interesting and often dangerous animals.

Follow the winding path and duck under ropes and crates as you explore this exhibit, meeting unusual and special animals along the way. A series of special effects ensures that visitors are startled at various points. This creates a sense of expectation, and the interaction with the special effects and with each other creates considerable mirth.

As many of the world’s frog species face extinction, the efforts of the uShaka Sea World team to breed these wonderful indicators of ecosystem health are increasingly important.



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